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About Us

KLEVERU is inspired by women and their stories about skin types and problems, about the hardships of finding the perfect skincare for sensitive skin and low awareness of skincare producers to use effective yet safe ingredients for the skin and for the environment. Based on these issues, KLEVERU is determined to create skin-barrier friendly products and embracing those with sensitive skin to pursue a healthy skin by maintaining a great skincare regime. As stated in our tagline: “A KLEVERU way to pamper your skin”, we believe in safe and effective ways to answer various skin problems to manifest an effective and fun skincare routine.

KLEVERU is highly dedicated to keep creating products that are safe, environmental-friendly, and also effective. Each and every product is specially made and has been tested to solve various skin problems. KLEVERU’s products embrace Indonesian women skin types, especially those with skin sensitivity towards artificial and chemical ingredients. KLEVERU also has BPOM certification so it’s confirmed that every product is high quality and being produced in a safe method before it even gets to your hand.

KLEVERU’s products has been tested safe and completely free from harmful ingredients for skin, such as paraben, alcohol, synthetic dyes, artificial fragrance, and silicone. Moreover, it is not just natural and organic itself, but also high in quality, safe for the skin, and most importantly, skin-barrier friendly.