Sering Tertukar, Inilah Perbedaan Skincare Natural dan Skincare Organik!
Sering Tertukar, Inilah Perbedaan Skincare Natural dan Skincare Organik!

Here Are Some Differences Between Natural and Organic Skincare You Get Misled A Lot!

by Kleveru | 06 January 2022

Hi Klevies! As our technology in information improved a lot, these days people are getting more aware and curious about what kind of ingredients skincare have, how it is processed and how one specific ingredient benefits their skin. Some of them are even starting to get more selective to decide certain criteria they made for their skincare picks.

For example, some people start to rearrange skincare steps and skincare style to natural skincare because of beliefs that natural skincare nourishes the skin better than chemical-based skincare that potentially being harmful to the skin in some cases like making it dry and sensitive.

However, there are still a lot of people who get misled a lot and often confused about natural skincare and organic skincare. Now Klevies, did you know the difference between each skincare genre or did you still get misled too? Keep on scrolling to find out the basic difference to get informed better!

Natural Skincare

Natural skincare is a facial-skincare product that is produced of plant or nature-based ingredients like water, plants, flowers, fruits, etc. Some kinds of ingredients like citric acid might fool you and sound very chemicals to you, in the face these ingredients are natural ingredients because they are made from fruits like lemons.

There are neither specialized regulations nor standards yet that can guarantee if a product is a natural skincare or it just sounds natural, so to find it out, you have to do some mini-research and acknowledge each ingredient.

Organic Skincare

Organic skincare is a product whose content comes from organic ingredients that are grown, cultivated, and developed with a particular organic process. The organic ingredients that are found in the organic process must be strictly free from chemical pesticides and any other synthetic ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

Anyhow, unlike natural skincare, organic skincare can not and should not be claimed easily by anyone. There are designated regulations, standards and requirements that are protected by institutions or organizations that oversee and supervise the use of organic materials and processes themselves.

The organizations that supervise organic product is different in many countries, one of the largest organic certification organization in the world is ECOCERT. As much as we know, there are several standards applied for a product to be able to claim organic certification from ECOCERT, one of which is that beauty products including cosmetics and skincare must have 95% organic ingredients in one product to be certified organic.

FYI, Kleveru Ceramide Calm Organic Oil and Ceramide Glow Organi c Oil contains a lot of ingredient combinations that have been officially claimed as ECOCERT organic-certified. Even better, these two products are enriched with dozens of powerful key ingredients specially formulated for normal, dry, oily, combination, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.

So Klevies, after finding out what is organic and natural skincare, did you think you get confused about their differences??