4 Cara KLEVERU Merawat Kulit Berminyak
4 Cara KLEVERU Merawat Kulit Berminyak

4 KLEVERU Ways to Fight Oily Skin

by Kleveru | 02 June 2022

Hi Klevies! Natural skin oil production has numerous benefits. With or without your notice, oily skin owners usually have more skin protection and antioxidants from vitamin E. On the other hand, oily skin is considered troublesome because it elevates the risk of clogged pores and breakouts. 

There are a lot of reasons why someone might have oily skin, it can be because of genetic factors, diet, stress, climate change, and many others. Although some factors just can’t be avoided, oily acne skin owners can always overcome the unwanted problems. 

In this article, we have summarized 4 easy ways you need to know to control sebum production. Let’s find out more below!

1. Choose the right facial wash for oily skin

Washing your face is the first and crucial step in most skincare routines. When dealing with certain skin conditions, you need to understand the ingredients of each product. Choose a cleanser that is gentle and can take out excess oil without over-drying your skin. 

Not only the ingredients, but the texture matters too! Foam cleansers are mostly sought after by those with oily skin types with the aim to get a fresher and matte look. While gel textured cleanser actually is a more ideal choice since it can remove dirt while giving the skin more hydration than foam cleansers.

KLEVERU Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel is your best choice when it comes to oily skin. Formulated to match the skin's natural pH (5.2-5.5), this gel textured face wash cleans the skin nicely, brightens and soothes the skin, and also maintains skin’s elasticity by increasing collagen production. To add more spices to this speciality, Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel does not use SLS/SLES which can irritate the skin and eyes, instead, it uses houttuynia cordata as a natural cleanser that also works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

2. Oily skin needs a moisturizer too!

Ingredients such as glycerin and niacinamide are the ingredients you should choose for better hydration and skin brightening agents. If you have oily skin, you also need to use silicone-free and oil-free ingredients to avoid clogging the pores.

Still looking for the perfect moisturizer for your oily skin? Don’t worry! KLEVERU Sea Buckthorn Day Cream is specially formulated to fulfill your daily moisturizer needs. Even better, it contains 4 UV protection ingredients along with 14 other ingredients that are able to hydrate, brighten skin tone, soothe acne, and give your skin a softer and smoother texture. 

3. Know the right way to exfoliate

Usually, oily skin is more prone to breakouts compared to normal skin type. This happened because excess oil production slows down the regeneration process of dead skin cells, which eventually clog the pores and trigger other acne-causing bacteria. 

When it comes to regenerating dead skin cells, a chemical exfoliant is one of the most recommended products by dermatologists. Salicylic acid, for example, is gentle and effective to speed up the skin regeneration process without irritating the skin. 

Try adding kaolin to your skincare regime too. Although kaolin does not exfoliate the skin directly, it has an exfoliating effect that cleanses your skin deeper. Binds sebum, reduces excess oil production, diminishes blackheads, and gives a fresh matte appearance on your skin, making this ingredient your oily skin saver! 

Exfoliate regularly 2 (two) to 4 (four) times a week with KLEVERU Centella and Spirulina Green Mask to deep cleanse your skin. Not only because it is a good exfoliating product, but with its 11 anti-acne combos, Centella and Spirulina Green Mask can minimalize large and clogged pores appearance, soothe skin inflammation and acne, and is totally skin-barrier friendly since it doesn’t contain any scrubs. 

4. Oil breaks down oils!

Common misconception among oily skin owners is about avoiding oil-based products because using oil on oily skin is logically absurd. But did you know that using face oil regularly could actually reduce oil by providing enough moisture to the skin so that oil glands would stop producing too much sebum? 

Level up your game with Premium ECOCERT Organic-Certified Ceramide Calm Organic Oil! This product has been specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin. It has a light texture that is very tolerable for oily skin, it absorbs easily without adding more greasiness to the skin. The premium oil chosen in this product like jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil provide nutrients for the skin and has the least risk to clog pores. 


Well Klevies, that’s the KLEVERU way to take care of oily skin in four easy steps. Share this article with your fellow oily-skin fighters!