4 Kesalahan dalam Mengatasi Jerawat
4 Kesalahan dalam Mengatasi Jerawat

4 Things That Make Your Acne Worse!

by Kleveru | 19 July 2022

Hi Klevies! Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the pores are clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and hormones. Although this condition is considered a normal skin reaction, acne has negative impacts that need to be prevented as much as we can. 

The thing is, not everyone knows how to deal with acne in the right way, that is probably why most of our treatments don’t go as well as we expected or it even gets worse! To avoid these things from happening, let’s evaluate your treatment and find out what you need to know before dealing with acne.  

Not knowing the root cause

Acne usually appears due to hormonal changes, excess oil production on the skin that triggers other problems like bacteria, dirt and clogged pores. Before you decide to treat your acne, you need to know what the root cause is. After that, the next step that you can do is to plan what kind of treatment will work the best for your skin. 

Using the wrong product

Be careful when choosing the product you are going to use. Get to know the ingredients that your skin needs the most and how those ingredients will do good to your skin. Choosing products that are specially formulated for acne-prone skin will make your decisions way easier!

We have product recommendations to help you too, Klevies! Try Kleveru Centella and Spirulina Green Mask, a scrub-free clay mask or wash-off mask that has exfoliating properties to prevent acne caused by bacteria and clogged pores. 

Not only preventing the acne in the first place, you can also soothe inflamed acne by using Kleveru Ceramide Calm Organic Oil regularly at the end of your skincare routine. Enriched with anti-acne and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as tamanu oil, green tea, bisabolol, turmeric root and a lot more to the list, Kleveru Ceramide Calm Organic Oil can improve and speed up the acne healing process. 

You don’t follow the instruction

We understand that sometimes when we have an important event that demands to look good, we become impatient with the treatment and feel like the more products we use, the better. Or maybe you ignored the direction to use and just did it “your way” to get the result as soon as possible. But, this is so wrong and needs to be stopped! 

Skincare products to treat acne tend to drying-out the skin, so if you don’t take the instruction very carefully your skin might experience dryness and irritation. When you are dealing with acne, you sure don’t want to get more problems with your skin, do you? All you can do is to check each packaging to find out the most recommended way to use the product.


Klevies, skin care requires a lot of patience and consistency to give you the result you want. Of course, we want our skincare to get rid of acne as soon as possible. However, keep in mind that your skin may react differently and take more time to adapt to the products you are going to use. 

Avoid changing your skincare routine too often. This can actually make your skin condition worse, especially if the product turns out not the best option for your skin. Treat your skin with care, patience, and consistency and you will get a better and more effective result in the future.

So Klevies, of the four points above, which mistakes do you think you did wrong?