7 Kesalahan Skincare Yang Mungkin Sering Kamu Lakukan!
7 Kesalahan Skincare Yang Mungkin Sering Kamu Lakukan!

Avoid These 7 Skincare Mistakes You Probably Do Often!

by Kleveru | 17 March 2022

Hi Klevies! It feels worthwhile knowing you are going to have effortless healthy-looking skin soon enough. But what if, in the process of it, you are doing mistakes you can’t even tell? In that case, we have summarized 7 common skincare mistakes to save you from doing it wrong!

Sleeping with your make-up on

The first thing you are not supposed to do is sleep with your make-up on. Make sure you don’t skip the nighttime skincare routine at least one hour before bedtime, especially washing your face.

One quick tip from us, do clean make-up residue on your face first with a make-up cleanser of your choice and rinse your face thoroughly with KLEVERU Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel that will not leave your s kin dry and tight after.  

Keeping your pillowcases for too long

You may not think it is not as important as we tell you, but it turns out pillowcases has a special role to keep your skin safe and sound. This is because pillowcases can potentially be the perfect spot for dirt, makeup residue, sweat bacteria from your skin and hair. Change your pillowcase once a week at least, especially if you often sleep without cleansing your face after using make-up all day long.

The material of pillowcases itself is just as important as keeping them clean. We recommend you choose a satin or silk material for your pillowcase to prevent skin scrapping due to the harsh surface that might cause irritation!

Skipping the essential basic skincare

There are three steps of basic skincare that you need to do before you add other steps all at a time, and as you can guess they are face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Completing these steps is highly recommended to help your skin adapt to any other skincare steps nicely. Check out KLEVERU’s guide to choosing the best basic skincare for your skin here!

Did you check the water temperature you are going to use?

Using water that is either too hot or too cold can possibly do harm to your skin and make it feel dry and rough, in some cases, it can even trigger your skin to produce massive excess oil production. Keep your skin clean and refreshed by simply using lukewarm water every time you wash your face.

Rushing literally everything

One of the tips for a better skincare result is to be consistent with your skincare routine. Make sure you do your skincare routine patiently and consistently until your skin really adapted to the products and absorbs all the nutrients optimally.

In that process, you might find your skin has pimples. But you don’t have to be panic over it and blame every skincare product you were using for the past week. Take a look back at your days to help you find out what might be the cause, it can be because of your hormone, clogged pores, food intake, lack of sleep, or even stress!


Exfoliating might be the finest skincare or your favourite skincare steps since it is usually given you a brighter, healthier look, dead skin cells-free, and a lot more benefit in such an instant! But can your skin really afford “exfoliation” way too often?

Exfoliating your skin is much recommended to do 2-4 times a week, depending on how much your skin needs it. When your skin is over-exfoliated, you might experience skin irritation, burning sensations, dry patches and flakiness, and acne breakouts. So, don’t overdo it and choose products that are not too harsh for your skin. 

Try to relax in your free time, exfoliating your skin with KLEVERU Centella and Spirulina Green Mask that is enriched with AHA and BHA, or you can try the super calming Rose and Sea Buckthorn Pink Mask to brighten up your skin in such a relaxing way.

Lacking product knowledge

All, or mostly, skincare products provide the general knowledge that you can find on the packaging. Get to know one product by reading its function, ingredients, do's and don’ts, expired date, and everything before you apply it to your skin. Choose the product that contains ingredients and benefits that your skin needs the most.

Some skincare products have a shorter shelf-life than others, and some products might be more sensitive to sun exposure. Therefore, you need to consider where to keep each product so they will stay in their best condition possible for a longer time. Also, pay attention to its shelf-life! We recommend you finish one product you like before it passed the shelf-life or PAO for the best result.

So Klevies, which skincare mistakes have you been doing wrong?