Alasan kenapa kamu harus coba Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel
Alasan kenapa kamu harus coba Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel

Reasons why you should try Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel

by Kleveru | 12 October 2023

Hi Klevies! The first step in your daily skin care regimen should be a face wash. The proper face wash aids in thoroughly cleansing facial skin by eliminating debris, extra oil, and makeup residue.

Apart from that, face wash also supposed to to assist retain skin hydration and shield against skin issues including blackheads and acne. In order to receive the best results, you must always be careful while selecting a facial wash.

For your daily care, Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel can be the best option. This face wash, which is made with natural components and sea buckthorn extract, not only effectively cleanses the skin but also gives it the moisture it needs for the face. You can keep your skin as clean and healthy as possible by using Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel on a regular basis.

Curious about what else it can do to you? Keep on reading!

An effective facial wash

Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel is efficient. This cleanser, which was made with the natural cleanser Houttuynia Cordata, thoroughly cleans the skin by eliminating debris, surplus oil, and leftover makeup.

Quercetin, Quercitrin, Rutin, and Hyperoside are only a few of the Polyphenolic Flavonoids found in Houttuynia, which are the plant's bioactive combination and have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial activities. Polysaccharides, which serve as humectants and can absorb and hold onto water in the skin to moisturize and preserve skin suppleness, are also found in Houttuynia Cordata.

Maintains skin's moisture

This cleanser not only does a wonderful job of cleansing, but it also gives facial skin the moisture it needs. Provitamin B5, glycerin, and sodium PCA are other ingredients in Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel that can hydrate and calm inflammatory skin. Your skin will feel softer, more supple, and well-hydrated. Even when used frequently twice a day, Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel does not dry out or irritate the skin because it is harsh chemicals and irritants-free.

Optimizes natural ingredients

The natural elements in Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel are gentle on the skin. With 15 times more vitamin C and vitamin E than citrus fruits, sea buckthorn extract protects the skin from free radical damage and enhances overall skin health.

The sea buckthorn content in this face wash can control excess sebum production on the skin, fade acne scars, increase collagen production, and speed up the acne healing process.

All skin type-friendly

Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types, in cluding sensitive and acne-prone skin. Gently formulated by adjusting the skin's natural pH (5.2-5.5) so it won't irritate or cause skin redness, making it safe to use even on 5-year-olds.

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