Cegah Crepey Skin Sedari Dini, Usia Bukan Faktor Utama Penyebab Kulit Kendur!
Cegah Crepey Skin Sedari Dini, Usia Bukan Faktor Utama Penyebab Kulit Kendur!

Age is Not the Only Factor, Here’s How You Can Prevent Crepey Skin!

by Kleveru | 29 June 2022

Hi Klevies! Have you ever heard about crepey skin before? For some of us, this term might sound unfamiliar, but it is actually a common skin condition that we can easily find in daily life. So, what is crepey skin? Let us explain it to you! 

Crepey skin is a skin condition where the skin looks paper-thin, very wrinkly, and feels loose and sags. The most obvious sign of this is just like its name, it looks like crepe paper. While wrinkles mostly appear around the eye and mouth, crepey skin reaches a wider area in your body including your hands and legs. 

This condition usually strikes at a mature age when collagen production decreases naturally and makes the skin loose. However, the main trigger is not the age, but the sun damage that breaks down elastin over time. 

If you already have crepey skin, the wisest solution is to have it treated with several possible treatments by a dermatologist. Therefore, preventive measures are recommended for this condition at an early age. 

Avoid Sun Exposure

The very first and most important thing to do is to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. When you are outdoors, it is best for you to protect your skin with sunscreen and sun-protective clothes. 

Even when you are indoors, using sunscreen is still a must! For indoor protection, try Kleveru 2in1 moisturizer Sea Buckthorn Day Cream which is packed with 4 UV Protection Filters to protect your skin from UV-light exposure. Its whipped cream-like texture and the tone-up effect are perfect for daily use!

Provide Hydration

Increase skin hydration by using a moisturizer that suits your skin’s needs. The lack of hydration can potentially worsen crepey skin, so applying an adequate moisturizer and body lotion in the early days will prevent and improve its appearance. 

Don’t miss out on the ultra-hydrating benefits from Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Night Cream which nourishes and hydrates your skin deeper throughout the night. The high antioxidant content in this 2in1 moisturizer and sleeping mask also works well to reduce the appearance of fine lines and keep the skin supple. 

On top of that, one of the contents of super ingredients like CoQ10 is known as one of the best ingredients to treat crepey skin since it provides moisture, supports skin tissue repair, and protects the skin from UV radiation. How complete! 

Well-Balanced Diet

Implementing a balanced diet and consuming foods high in antioxidants such as colorful vegetables and fruits can support overall skin and body health. Consuming vitamin C is important since it can fight free radicals and stimulate collagen production to prevent skin damage from within. Although the results are never instant, maintaining daily intake can prevent damages that cause crepey skin in the future. 

So Klevies, let’s prevent crepey skin from now together with KLEVERU!