Ketahui 5 Hal Penting Tentang Kulit Remaja Sebelum Mulai Perawatan Sedari Dini!
Ketahui 5 Hal Penting Tentang Kulit Remaja Sebelum Mulai Perawatan Sedari Dini!

If You Are Planning to Start Skincare, Don’t Miss These 5 Essential Things about Teens Skin!

by Kleveru | 17 June 2022

Hi Klevies! Adolescence is one of the most rapid phases of human growth due to the major changes that happened both psychologically and biologically. Therefore, parents must provide bigger attention when their children are going through puberty. 

During puberty phases, young teenagers begin to pay more attention to their physical appearance and that is probably one of the biggest reasons young teens nowadays are interested in starting their own skincare journey. But do you know how to do it the right way for it? Check out 5 important things we have summarized especially for you below! 

1. Get to know its characteristics

First thing first, understands the main characteristic of teenage skin and how it is different from adult skin. It’s good that teenage skin produces more collagen than adults. However, teenagers also tend to be more prone to clogged pores and acne breakouts due to hormonal changes. Therefore, using gentle skin care with anti-bacterial ingredients is rather recommended for young teenagers to prevent acne-causing bacteria. 

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Implementing a healthy lifestyle is just as important as starting your skincare journey early on. Then what should teenagers do to do it? Well, the answer is quite easy! Get exercise, start meditating to train the brain performance and concentration, eat healthily, get your daily water needs, and take a rest when your schedule gets a bit stressful. Also, as much as it might look very reliable, skincare trends on social media might not be the right thing to do on your first skincare journey.  

3. How is your makeup habit?

Some teenagers may or may not use makeup on daily basis. If you use makeup, make sure you use it wisely and not too much! Avoid sharing products with anyone else, especially for eyes and lip products, you also need to make sure you cleaned up any equipment and makeup residues on your skin to prevent acne-causing bacteria. 

4. Find the effective way!

One of the easiest steps to start a skincare journey is to choose the right products depending on what your skin needs exactly. Also, good technique and strong motivation will support greater effectiveness of your skincare routine. If this is your very first time planning a skincare journey, KLEVERU is happy to help your first step!

Check out our KLEVERU Sea Buckthorn Series, the gentle packages of basic skincare that are safe for teens, and beginners, and it is pregnancy safe too! Consisting of a gentle Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel, Sea Buckthorn Essence Toner that gives a fresher look on your skin, and Sea Buckthorn Day and Night Cream the 2in1 moisturizers that provide moisture and the right protection for the skin both the day and night, the Sea Buckthorn Series is just the perfect choice for teenagers to fulfil what your skin needs the most. 

5. Have some patients and consistency!

All the four steps mentioned above are undebatable, but to do all of them with patience and consistency is no less important! Enjoy every process of your skincare journey and don’t be too stressed. However, a healthy mindset will give you a positive impact on your overall body and skin health. 

So Klevies, are you ready to start your skincare journey with KLEVERU??