Manfaat Sauna untuk Kecantikan Kulit
Manfaat Sauna untuk Kecantikan Kulit

Sauna Benefits for Skin and Beauty

by Kleveru | 05 October 2022

Hi Klevies! Did you know that steam baths or saunas have been around for 2,000 years? An activity which requires us to enter a high-temperature room that ranges from 50-90 Celcius degrees, does have its own charm so it is still loved by many today. 

The purpose of a sauna is to help the body release sweat, burn calories, and relax the whole body. Not only that, one of the reasons why saunas are still popular is because of their numerous benefits for the skin. We will keep on discussing it! 

Prevents acne breakouts

Sauna is like an exercise for the skin that helps the pores stimulate sebum production, which is beneficial for keeping the skin moisturized and providing additional nutrients. Sauna is also believed to prevent acne because the sweat released will push dirt out of the pores and filter out impurities on the skin.

Rejuvenate the skin

Collagen is vital in the skin regeneration process, it keeps the skin plump and hydrated. When you do sauna, the sweat released can increase the production of collagen in the body so that it keeps the skin supple, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and makes the skin look younger and smoother. 

Giving a healthier glowing skin

The hot temperature in the sauna room has various benefits for the body such as increasing blood circulation. Blood circulation brings nutrients and oxygen that skin cells need so that they can regenerate and this process will make the skin looks healthier and glow naturally.

You can top off your sauna session by giving your skin nutrients with skincare afterwards. If you are still looking for “the one”, we would love to recommend our favorite Kleveru Vitamin C 10% Ferulic Serum for you! 

This local serum that combines high antioxidants such as Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sea Buckthorn and Ferulic Acid is able to provide a brighter and healthier skin appearance, anti-aging, and overcome hyperpigmentation, acne scars to skin damage caused by UV rays. 

The three high antioxidant content bring Kleveru Vitamin C 10% Ferulic Serum to be the first local product to combine Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sea Buckthorn and Ferulic Acid in one product. All three ingredients above are able to utilize each other’s function for your skin. Although it is called a powerful antioxidant serum, Kleveru Vitamin C 10% Ferulic Serum has a light texture, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, making it suitable for you to use regularly every day, day or night. 

So, Klevies, let’s try the benefits of sauna + Kleveru Vitamin C 10% Ferulic Serum for a more glowing and plumper skin yourself!