Mengenal Skinimalism, Tren Kecantikan yang Viral di Media Sosial
Mengenal Skinimalism, Tren Kecantikan yang Viral di Media Sosial

Is Skinimalism Still a Thing?

by Kleveru | 21 June 2022

Hi Klevies! Have you ever heard about skin minimalism or skinimalism before? What exactly a skinimalism is? And why is it such a thing for people on social media? Check out what we have found for you!

Skin minimalism is a beauty trend that has been popular since 2021, this trend is all about “less is more” which encourages people to be more confident with their own skin and not hide behind thick layers of makeup. This trend works the same for skincare too; to simplify one’s skincare regime for healthier and glowing skin by using products just as we need.

1. Basic skincare

Basic skincare is the core of skinimalism. As for this trend, face wash, hydrating toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen is such a must-use skincare product. To get healthy and glowing skin, together with our favorite Sea Buckthorn Series, we are here to help you, Klevies!  

2. Multi-benefits product

To live up to the “less is more” concept, you can cut some of your skincare by using multi-benefits products. So you will have fewer products without decreasing the effectiveness of your skincare routine. Use some of these KLEVERU’s multi-benefit products!  

First, we have Sea Buckthorn Essence Toner; a combination of both essence and toner which is formulated to match natural skin pH, Sea Buckthorn Day Cream; the 2in1 Moisturizer with UV Filters, Sea Buckthorn Night Cream; the 2in1 Moisturizer and sleeping mask to keep your skin moisturized all night, Ceramide Calm & Glow Organic Oil; face oils that you can use as skincare, body care and makeup, also we have Centella and Spirulina Green Mask with Rose and Sea Buckthorn Pink Mask to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

3. Until the last drop

Less is more, that is exactly what skinimalism is all about. Not only to use a smaller amount of skincare, but you must make the best use of the products as well. Make sure to finish a product before buying another one so that every drop of it is used without being wasted. If you are using a product and it didn’t work well on your face, try using it as body care instead of just changing it!

4. Quality over quantity

One of the most common mistakes is using too many products without understanding what the benefit is and how it reacts on the skin. So, instead of paying too much attention to using as much as you can, you should learn the product's information. Find out what is their main ingredients? What are the benefits you will get? Can your skin use “that” kind of ingredients? When you are aware of these qualities, not only you will prevent more skin problems, but you trained yourself to spend wiser!

So Klevies, have you tried this trend before? Tell us what you think!