NAT Brightening Serum: Dapatkan #IllumiNATedSkin-mu Sekarang!
NAT Brightening Serum: Dapatkan #IllumiNATedSkin-mu Sekarang!

NAT Brightening Serum: Get your #IllumiNATedSkin soon!

by Kleveru | 20 September 2023

Hi Klevies! Skin is the largest organ in the body. There are times when the skin is not in it’s best condition. Lifestyle changes, dehydration, and uncontrolled intake can be one of the reasons your skin is more prone to problems and looks dull.

Don't let dull skin disturb your self-confidence. Fight dull skin with NAT Brightening Serum now!

NAT Brightening Serum is a combination of 3 (three) brightening active ingredients that function to brighten the skin, even out skin tone, disguise fine lines, black spots, and acne scars, disguise the appearance of pores, soothe and relieve redness, improve skin texture, and provide a natural glowing effect.

Let's get to know the 3 (three) active ingredients that make this NAT Brightening Serum special!


Having good benefits for body and skin health, Niacinamide is one of the popular ingredients that is sought after. When used regularly, this type of vitamin B3 is able to relieve redness, brighten, fade brown spots/acne scars, and improve skin texture.

With a concentration of 5%, Niacinamide in NAT Brightening Serum is considered effective against signs of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and other signs of aging due to exposure to UV light. In general, Niacinamide with concentrations level below 7% are also more sensitive skin-friendly and have less risk of irritation.

Alpha Arbutin

Alpha Arbutin is an antioxidant and skin brightener whose content can be found naturally in the bearberry plant. Rich in antioxidant content, Alpha Arbutin is strong in its ability to brighten the skin and remove dark spots. What's special is that Alpha Arbutin is not only effective against black spots and dull skin but is also safe for all skin types.

Tranexamic Acid

Tranexamic Acid is a synthetic molecule that has a similar structure to Lysine. Where Lysine itself can support collagen production, which keeps the skin elastic and strong. Tranexamic Acid or often called as TXA, has benefits for reducing dark spots & hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, reducing fine lines, and even melasma.

Even though the three ingredients above have optimal capabilities for each of their benefits, NAT Brightening Serum is formulated as gently and as balanced as possible so that anyone can fight dull skin problems, dark spots, and signs of premature aging without worrying about possible skin irritation.

For optimal results, complete the treatment by exfoliating the skin regularly, moisturize twice a day, and learn about the condition of your skin can also help reduce the appearance of dull skin to make it brighter and healthier.

So Klevies, let's get your #IllumiNATedSkin now!

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