Perlukah kamu melakukan double cleansing?
Perlukah kamu melakukan double cleansing?

Do you really have to double cleanse?

by Kleveru | 17 October 2023

Hi Klevies! Double cleansing these days has evolved from a special routine for skincare enthusiasts to a everyday skincare routine for everyone. Do you familiar with what double cleansing entails and whether your skin need it? For more details, keep on reading the following article.

This facial care approach, as the name implies, washes the face twice using two different types of products. Oil-based cleansers can be used as a first step cleanser, followed by water/gel-based cleansers as the second cleanser. However, you can always choose the type of product that best meets your specific skin demands. 

Because dirt attached to the face, such as thick makeup, cannot be cleansed directly by washing the face, twofold cleansing is used to maximize facial washing. As a substitute, use an oil-based cleanser.

Because dirt attached to the face, such as thick makeup, cannot be cleansed directly by washing the face, double cleansing is used to get the most of ffacial washing. As a first cleanser, an oil-based cleanser removes dirt, excess oil, makeup residue, sunscreen, and sweat from the face. The second cleanser then thoroughly removes the stuck-on filth.

Although it is not essential, using the double cleaning technique can help to clean the skin more deeply while also allowing the next skincare stage to be absorbed more effectively.

Double cleansing can help maintain oily and acne-prone skin free from the reasons of closed pores. It can also help cleanse dry and sensitive skin without leaving it dry and tight.

Then, how is the best way to do double cleansing?

First Cleanser

First, with the palm of your hand, apply a little quantity of oil-based cleanser product to your face in circular motions until the dirt or makeup clinging to your face is removed, then rinse with water gradually while massaging it gently until clean. Oil-based cleansers, as long as the components are free of perfume, are gentle enough to apply around the eyes and hairline areas to ensure that no dirt remains on the skin.

Second Cleanser

After rinsing out the first cleanser, apply a water-based or gel-based cleanser on damp skin, such as Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel. You may need a softer wash in double cleansing because some skin types are quite sensitive with over-washing.

Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel is a skin barrier-friendly facial cleanser that is made to match natural skin pH (5.2-5.5) with Houtuyynia Cordata as a natural cleanser to fully cleanse the skin without leaving it dry or drawn. This is perfect as your second cleanser due to its gentle content and lack of harsh chemicals!

So Klevies, whilst it is not a necessity, double cleansing is giving your skin more benefits. Make sure to do it gently with the right technique!

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