Reaksi kulit pada musim hujan dan bagaimana cara merawatnya
Reaksi kulit pada musim hujan dan bagaimana cara merawatnya

Skin reactions to rainy season and how to maintain it

by Kleveru | 25 November 2023

Hi Klevies! Reporting from the official BMKG website, the dry season will end in October and will gradually be welcomed by the rainy season starting in November 2023.

The rainy season has been long awaited, especially after a long dry season. However, during changing seasons like now, there are several things that must be prepared. One of them is the best skin care option!

Does it really matter, Ruvies?

YES! Changes in seasons and weather can really affect skin condition. Like the rainy season, which can cause irritation, rashes, dullness and fungal infections on the skin.

In this article, Ruvies will discuss skin reactions during the rainy season and the right way to care for your skin. *Keep on scrolling, Klevies!*

Dry Skin

Humidity is typically linked to the rainy season, not dry skin. During the rainy season, humid air can cause skin to become flaky, drab, and drier.

During this wet season, look for products with brightening and moisturizing ingredients if you suffer from dry skin. In addition, you might need to drink extra water and refrain from using hot water to wash your face. It's a fantastic idea to start including Kleveru NAT Brightening Serum and Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Day and Night Cream into your everyday skincare routine! 

Oily Skin

The rainy season may cause those with oily skin to have even more oil on their skin. Excess oil production on the skin that occurs suddenly can also lead to additional skin issues like breakouts and open pores.

Thus, it's critical to keep your face clean by washing it twice a day and exfoliating it twice a week with the Kleveru Centella and Spirulina Green Mask. When you use products that are calming and soothing, like Kleveru Rhodiola Moisturizer Gel, you can also stop breakouts and expedite the healing process of your skin.

Sensitive Skin

Since sensitive skin is more likely to get irritated and inflamed during the rainy season, look for products that are soft and contain substances that reduce redness. Furthermore, fungal infections are more common in people with sensitive skin. In order to reinforce the skin barrier and avoid skin issues during the rainy season, use products whose pH matches that of the skin. For your skin type, the Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Gel and Kleveru Sea Buckthorn Essence Toner series might be the best options!

Combination Skin

Because combination skin can result in excessive sebum production, dry skin, even uneven skin tone from dullness, reactions to the rainy season on the skin may be a little more puzzling for those with this type of skin. As therefore, you have to adjust based on your skin's condition at that particular moment.

If you have oilier skin, use Kleveru Centella and Spirulina Green Mask; if you have duller, drier skin, use Kleveru Rose and Sea Buckthorn Pink Mask. Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Additionally, you can use both in conjunction with a multimasking technique that is appropriate for mixture skin types!

In alongside implementing a variety of skin-type-appropriate treatments, as we have succinctly described, it's important to keep the body hydrated by meeting daily water requirements and maintaining a clean environment because the environment are sources of health!

Are you prepared to greet this rainy time of year, Klevies? ;)