Skincare Smoothies, Cara Sehat Untuk Memaksimalkan Pengalaman Skincare-Mu!
Skincare Smoothies, Cara Sehat Untuk Memaksimalkan Pengalaman Skincare-Mu!

Skincare Smoothies, A Healthy Way to Optimize Your Skincare Experience!

by Kleveru | 21 December 2021

Hi Klevies! A healthy lifestyle is now a trend in our environment, it is no longer considered as something lavish, instead, people think of it as a cool lifestyle. This healthy trend is popular with their typical healthy food and drinks consumptions that is not only taste good but feels good since it has a million benefits for the body such as being rich in nutrition, like smoothies.

As time goes by, the general knowledge about skincare has also improved a lot. Lately, smoothies are starting to become popular again, not as a refreshment but as a new innovative way to apply your favorite skincare! Hmm… Interesting, isn’t it? Did you know about this new skincare hack before?

Inspired by the smoothies, this skincare method is introduced as Skincare Smoothies, this method is mixing two skincare products to optimize the benefits of each product so you will get the best result of your skincare routine. By mixing two or three steps of the skincare routine into one, you will not only get the best result possible, you will also cut your skincare time so it will be more efficient.

You can use this method in the easiest way! Mix your skincare product like moisturizer, serum and/or face oil based on what your skin needs. If you are still looking for a perfect combination for your own skincare smoothies, check out these recommendations from Kleveru!

Glowing Healthy Smoothies

The first recipe is recommended for Klevies who want to give a tone up and healthy glow effect to your skin, especially during day time. You can mix Sea Buckthorn Day Cream with 2 (two) or 3 (three) drops of Ceramide Glow Organic Oil in the palm of your hand and blend it all before you apply it to your face. This combination is able to brighten your skin, moisturize, treat hyperpigmentation, protect the skin from UV exposure and it can be applied as a make-up base as well!

Healthy Skin Barrier Smoothies

Still with the same methods, you can use this recipe at night as the final step of your skincare routine. Apply the 2in1 Ultra Hydrating Gel Cream Moisturizer & Daily Sleeping Mask Sea Buckthorn Night Cream with 3 (three) drops of Ceramide Calm Organic Oil , mix the two products and apply them evenly to your face. Sea Buckthorn Night Cream that will nourish and provide enough hydration for your skin throughout the night, combined with Ceramide Calm Organic Oil that will lock all the nutritions and benefits you got from Sea Buckthorn Night Cream will make this combo give you a healthy and strong skin barrier.

Brightening Antioxidant Booster

Just like its name, this combo is good to brighten up your skin. Use Sea Buckthorn Day Cream on daytime or Sea Buckthorn Night Cream for nighttime skincare with 3 (three) drops of Vitamin C 10% Ferulic Serum , which is rich in antioxidants to brighten your skin tone, disguise acne scars and hyperpigmentation, increase collagen production, it also acts as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory as well. The good news is, combining serum with moisturizer is also a great hack for skincare newbies or those with sensitive skin since it will balanced the serum concentration to match your skin condition.

You can also create your own skincare smoothies recipe based on what your skin needs. So, have you finally decided which combination you would like to try to join this healthy skin care trend?