Sleeping Mask vs. Night Cream, Mana Yang Perlu Digunakan?
Sleeping Mask vs. Night Cream, Mana Yang Perlu Digunakan?

Sleeping Mask vs. Night Cream, When to Use Which?

by Kleveru | 04 January 2022

Hi Klevies! After a rough and busy day, cleansing your face from makeup and dirt by doing a simple skincare routine somehow feels like a healing activity. Is it just me or are you feeling the same kind of that feeling too?

Great nighttime skincare rituals can optimize skin regeneration and provide healthier and brighter skin the next morning. Therefore, you have to pay more attention and consider each of your skincare steps carefully. There are some skincare products that are specially formulated for nighttime skincare such as night cream and overnight sleeping masks. Have you heard about these products?

A night cream is a moisturizer that is used at night and usually is on the last step of your skincare routine. Has the same function as a moisturizer, night cream contains ingredients that are able to give your skin hydration and moisture, usually enriched with active ingredients that will help the skin to prevent signs of premature aging due to dry skin.

Night cream tends to have a heavier consistency than day cream, so even if it’s fine using night cream during the day, it is not recommended. Its heavier texture is best to use at night as the last step of your skincare routine.

On the other hand, sleeping masks are also quite popularly used as the final stage of the nighttime skincare routine. A sleeping mask or overnight mask might be formulated differently, depending on one’s skin need the best.

The ingredients and contents in a sleeping mask tend to be lighter and gentler on the skin so it will not cause clogged pores even when used while we are sleeping. Its ability to calm and hydrate the skin optimally throughout the night makes sleeping masks also able to lock nutrition from serum, moisturizer, face oil and any other skincare that we used on our skin.

Not only able to overcome skin problems that are caused due to dry skin, with the right ingredients, sleeping masks can also reduce the possibility of skin breakouts, especially for oily and acne-prone skin. A sleeping mask can also give you an instant moist and glowing effect in the morning right after you wake up.

Citing from, Dr. David Lorstcher says, using either a night cream, sleeping mask or both can effectively optimize the benefits of a nighttime skincare routine and fight signs of skin aging. So, are you ready to try both at once? If you are ready, we have a way to help you try to combine night cream and sleeping mask in one skincare step!

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So Klevies, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your skincare routine much simpler and more effective with this 2in1 Kleveru Night Cream! 😉