Ternyata, kulit sensitif juga bisa pakai serum vitamin C
Ternyata, kulit sensitif juga bisa pakai serum vitamin C

Sensitive skin can use vitamin C serum, too

by Kleveru | 19 September 2023

Hi Klevies! It's no secret that vitamin C is an absolute ingredient for dealing with dull skin. But, what if you have super sensitive skin? Will vitamin C serum still be an absolute for you?

Sensitive skin can sometimes be confusing because it can react differently from what we expect. In some cases, the imprudent usage of vitamin C serum causes discomfort to the skin, especially if you are new to skincare or have sensitive skin. Does it ring a bell?

FYI, vitamin C serum has many variations, ranging from the price, texture, type of derivative, and even concentration level. If you are dealing with sensitive skin issues, you probably want to learn more about which vitamin C product best suits your skin.

Know the optimal concentration

The first thing you should consider is the concentration of vitamin C in a product. Every skin has different needs, so do you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced skincare enthusiast.

For beginners or sensitive skin, the recommended concentration level is around 5-10%. This mild concentration is considered suitable because it can provide good benefits with a lower risk of irritation.

Meanwhile, for advanced users, a serum with a concentration of 10-20% will work better on the skin. This concentration level is also recommended for individuals with other skin types, such as normal, oily, and dry skin.

Learn more about the types of content

A popular derivative in vitamin C serum is L-Ascorbic Acid. This pure form of vitamin C is more commonly found because it is considered effective in brightening the skin and fighting free radicals. However, this type of vitamin C is also considered less stable, so it is more easily oxidized when exposed to air or sunlight.

This is different from Ascorbyl Glucoside, which is structurally more stable derivative and does not oxidize easily. Therefore, this type of vitamin C derivative is also safer in combination with other ingredients such as Niacinamide and is definitely friendlier for beginners and those with sensitive skin.

Check out our ultimate favorite of Vitamin C serum with Ascorbyl Glucoside here!

Don't forget the patch test!

Another important step you should take before trying a new skincare product is to always do a patch test, especially if you are going to try a product with active ingredients that you have never used before.

To do a patch test, simply apply a small amount of the product to a dry and area of your skin, cover it with a bandage, and let it sit for 24 hours or more. The results will be visible after at least 24 hours. 

how to do a self patch test kleveru

If during the testing period you do not experience any negative reactions such as itching, burning, or irritation, then the tested product is considered safe for your skin. On the other hand, if you feel discomfort on your skin for an extended period, you should stop using the product to prevent any potential skin irritation.

So Klevies, by knowing the 3 important points mentioned above, I hope it will help you make an informed decision when trying vitamin C serum! You can also find out more about 5 Vitamin C Serum Cheat Sheets You Need To Take Note Of before using vitamin C serum ;)

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